Whale Watching

Whale Watching – a Magnificent Show

The appropriate time to view whales in Sydney is between April and November. This is precisely during the spring and winter in the southern hemisphere. Starting from April to mid-August, you can have a spectacular view of the Humpback whales moving from the South to the north to mate and give birth in the Coral Sea. You may also experience this thrilling occurrence in spring, between September and November, as the Humpback whales move back to their Antarctic feeding ground. Other whale types, such as the Southern Right Whales, move along the coastline looking for the best place to mate and raise their young ones. If you are looking forward to viewing the various types of whale first hand, Sydney is the place to be.

Why Sydney?

While these creatures can be found in various places across the world, there are just a few places where you can watch them in their natural environment. Sydney is one such place. The city has a number of ideal locations, from where you can comfortably and safely watch the whales in their natural habitat. The two most renowned whale watching points in Sydney are the Merimbula and Sydney Harbour. The best time to watch the whales from the Sydney Harbour is between May and August. At Merimbula, the best time to view these creatures is between September and November.

What to Look for in a Whale Watching Cruise

While planning for a whale watching Sydney adventure, it is advisable to search for the ideal cruise company. In this regard, you may search the internet for information on the various cruise companies in the city. Get to know what each company has to offer and research for information on their staff and fleet. For the best viewing experience, you should opt for the cruise company with boats that are equipped with modern communication equipment. Such equipment helps the Skipper locate the whales in the open sea. A company that has been in this business for a considerable period is always the safe bet for your whale viewing expenditure. Such a company will make your adventure worth remembering.

You should also ensure that the company you opt for has an experienced whale expert or even a naturalist to guide you throughout the tour and give you information on the various whale species that you come across during the cruise.

What You Should Bring Along

While on a whale viewing expedition, it is advisable to wear sneakers or any other type of shoes with a rubber sole. This will offer you more traction while standing on the wet deck of the boat. You may also need to bring long a pair of sunglasses and a hat that has a tie strap. These are essential because of the breeze from the open water. You should also bring along warm clothing because it is cold out in the sea.

A whale seeing expenditure is a thrill for any nature loving tourist. Sydney offers some of the best whale seeing pints in the world and is the place to be between April and November this year.

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