Ways to Secure Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Many homeowners experience going away on trips and coming back to a burglarized home. It is a typical story, but it doesn’t mean it cannot get avoided. It also doesn’t say you have to cancel or postpone trips for fear of someone vandalizing your home. It is your right to go on vacation and thoroughly enjoy it without having to worry about what you left home.  What you need to do is prepare and secure your house before your holiday. There are many things you can do, and some of these precautions are not just useful while you are on vacation, but they are permanent protection precautions too.

Install an Alarm System

Installing an alarm system in your house and the entire property is an excellent way to prevent any trespassers. The good thing about alarm systems is that they are centralized so once triggered, the police will also get notified. It means whether you are away, if someone tries to get in your house, the police will come to check. Furthermore, it could also alarm your neighbors and cause panic to the trespassers. If you already have an alarm system, do not forget to turn it on.

Secure Your Locks

One of the most common mistakes homeowners do is to take their locks for granted. If you notice your locks are getting old and malfunctioning, it is advisable to call an emergency locksmith Houston to come and fix them or change them if necessary. Change or repair of locks is comparatively more affordable than having to lose your possessions. Try to choose locks which are not easy to pick. You can always ask the locksmith for recommendations.

Put a Timer on Your Electronics

Burglars often scout on houses that look abandoned. Do not make your home look like no one is there. The best thing you can do is to put on a timer on your electronics such as television sets or the lights. Let them turn on and off on particular times of the day and night. It will make burglars think that someone is home. However, do not make the mistake of leaving your electronics open at all times too. It is also a sign that there is nobody at home.

Lock Everything and Do not Leave Spare Keys

Before going, make sure to check and double check, so every single door, window or any other entry is locked securely. A lot of trespassers look for loose openings or left open windows to get in without getting noticed. Therefore, secure everything before you go. Furthermore, those spare keys you keep outside, remove them. They might find it, and it will allow them to get in and out of your house without detection.

Hire a House Sitter

If you are planning on being away for a long time, it is best to hire a house sitter or anyone who can check on the place regularly. Try to ensure that someone is there to mow your lawn so the house will look like someone is living there. If you can’t hire a sitter, try to ask some family member, friend or trusted neighbor to keep an eye on things for you.

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