Out of Town Travel: What to Do if You Get Caught Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol?

A lot of people loves going on road trips with family members, friends, and colleagues. It is a fun adventure where you can gain a lot of experience and enjoyment. However, one of the most common things when on a road trip is drinking. It is a prevalent practice among young adults and men. While others can control their drinking and they take in minimal alcohol, there are some who seem to forget the dangers of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). They only realize their mistakes the moment they get in trouble with the law or they gets in an accident. Remember, state laws are different from one another, so you have to be careful especially when you are crossing borders. In case you get in trouble in Texas, for example, take note that their laws are often slightly different from other states. The best way to go through this is by seeking the legal assistance of a Houston DWI defense attorney. It is especially true when you are not from the area, and you are not familiar with how the proceedings are. But here are the necessary things you need to know when you get caught for DWI in general.

You Get Arrested and Booked

Getting arrested under the suspicion of DWI means the end of your trip. The police will place you inside their vehicle and taken to the nearest police station. There, they will take your mugshot and fingerprints. There are states which will lock you up for a specified period, usually until you get sober. You also need to pay for bail before getting released. If you brought money with you, then you are lucky. Otherwise, you need to wait for someone to spend your bond and drive you home. Overall, it is not a pleasant experience.

You Need to Appear in Court

After your arrest, the police will give you a summons which contains the date when you need to appear in court to face charges. It is not an entirely pleasant experience, and foremost, they find it embarrassing. It is the best time to have an expert lawyer assisting you to get through this ordeal.

You’ll Lose Your Driver’s License

In every single state, the first time you get convicted means losing your driving privileges for a specified period. In some states, your license can immediately get suspended during your arrest if you refuse to take a blood test or the breathalyzer.

You Need To Pay a Fine

Your fine is different from your bail. Bail is for you to get out temporarily before your conviction. However, once you are convicted guilty, they will ask you to pay a fine. The penalties vary per state, and there are a minimum and maximum for that too. Depending on the severity of your case, your punishment is within the range they set.

You Need to Go Under Probation

Depending on the number of times you are convicted, you can either go to jail or go under probation. If you are not sentenced to go to jail, you will at least need to do probation and complete it no matter who you are.

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