How to Plan the First Vacation in Delhi and Beyond

India is a rare country in many ways. The people here are engrossed in their traditional beliefs, and yet the urban side of the country never ceases to reflect when you visit the upscale malls and cafes. Easily among the best and the first places chosen by foreigners and local travelers for their vacation is the national capital of Delhi. Delhi is easily the most diverse cities you will come across, starting from the amazing narrow streets of Chandni Chowk to the high and upscale malls around Gurgaon and NCR. Here are some quick handy tips to set your plans in place.

Understand where to stay

There is no dearth of hotels and places in Delhi and other parts of the northern side, but sadly, only a few of them are budget friendly and worth the services. If you have a long vacation in mind and want basic yet half decent services, hotels shouldn’t be you forte. Instead, you can choose to check some of the property rental websites India, where you can find flats, independent houses and more on rent for the best prices. In fact, for a long vacation, this is the best idea to enjoy Delhi like never before.

How to travel?

If you want to travel within Delhi, the metro services are top notch. The auto services are decent and cabs aren’t bad either. However, when you wish to explore the city on your own, booking a rental car with a driver is the best idea. Driving can be tricky in some parts of Delhi, and hence, when you have a car of your own, the exploring gets easier and better. In fact, there are places around the capital that can be explored in a span of two to three hours, and having a car only eases the fun and offers more private time and space.

What to eat?

Delhi is easily the most wonderful places for food. Apart from the best known five star properties, there is ample of street food to enjoyed at Delhi, provided you don’t bother about the place. Some of the local eateries serve awesome Punjabi and local cuisine, and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Apart from the local food, all known international cafes, fast food outlets and other options are available for those who want to sell out for a burger or want to have best chicken wings.

Start planning now!

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