Great Destinations to Explore After Getting to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is one of the great area for tourism in Indonesia. It is located on the eastern part of Indonesia. In this case, Labuan Bajo is a peaceful area for fishing site. It is easy to find fishermen in this area since mostly people are working as fishermen. However, this is not the best thing to find in Labuan Bajo. In fact, Labuan Bajo is the gate to visit the great destination called Komodo National Park that become the house of the komodo dragon. In this case, it is not difficult to get access for getting to labuan bajo. Since this destination has become so famous, the accommodation for it is available.

  • People can get there by air. This can be the fastest way to reach Labuan Bajo. there is Komodo Airport that has operated .it is possible to get to the airport from Denpasar, Ende, Mataram, and also Kupang. There have been available flight schedule and it will be easier to get here from Denpasar Bali.
  • Then, by land, it is actually possible to do, but it will be expensive. It will also take time, so it is not suggested to get to the Labuan Bajo from land transportation.
  • Then, there are several access to get Labuan Bajo by sea. There are several access to get there. One of them is Tilongkabila from PELNI that gives access to reach Beno, Lembar, and Bima. There is also Tatamailau as the alternative from PELNI.

After tourists get the alternative for getting to labuan bajo, then they can start to think about the what they are going to do. In this case, Komodo National Park is the best destination to find. This national park is the home for komodo dragon. Komodo dragon is the rare lizard and it is even called as the living prehistoric lizard that still can be found right now. In this case, these lizards can be found in the whole national park, so people can find them quite easily. Commonly, they can be found in a group, but it is better to take safe distance since they possibly attack people because they are carnivore wild animal. In this case, it is better to have tour guide to help in finding this exotic lizards.

Then, there is also Pink Beach. As its name, the beach is colored in pink. It is natural color because of the pigment of Foraminfera. The pigment of this microscopic animals make the coral become red and this is so special since there are only seven pink beaches in this planet. Of course, the color of this beach is not the only good things to find. Actually, there are also beautiful marine lives that can be found in the beach. People can dive or snorkel under the water to see this beauty. The beach is still so clean and the underwater life is kept well, so the beauty can be seen and explored this can be the alternative destination after getting to labuan bajo. Surely, there will be no disappointment for coming to Labuan Bajo although it may be quite far. It is the right place to find the peaceful interaction with the nature.

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